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January 18 2018

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Mediathek View im Browser  https://mediathekviewweb.de/
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Sahra und der Aufstand der Easy-Jetter

"Die undurchdachte Easy-Jet-Philosophie ist keine linke Utopie, sondern eine neoliberale Dystopie. Sie klingt als Slogan verführerisch, würde real aber in die soziale Katastrophe führen. Sie ist der Traum einer globalistischen Finanz- und Internetwirtschaft, die ideologie- und ortlos nirgendwo mehr Rechenschaft über ihre Gewinne ablegen möchte...
Sehr starker Text im ND.
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fun with linguistics! today: the southern us american accent(s) and their origin.
found here; if you know a proper source please lt me know.
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Handstitched little felt animals for my newborn nephew. They'll go on a mobile. 
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watched it now, thanks. :)

i was aware there are flaws in the way much research is done, but i think it's misleading to say things like "most science is wrong", it's just wronger than it reasonably needs to be.

Besten Dank! Hatte ich beides heute noch nicht, dafür Fritten und Bier ;)
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it's cold outside
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the pizza guy just looked straight behind me, smiled, and went “you both enjoy your pizza” ? i’m alone in my apartment???



*narrows eyes*

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if you have a grid where the number of units in each dimension are relatively prime to each other, then a diagonal line drawn between opposite corners will not pass through any other point!
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Little birthday card for my dear friend @metafnord
Feel free to use!
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This looks like the type of horse that will lure you onto his back and then carry you into a lake.

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