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Bookmarklets are small programs written in JavaScript. When called, they can manipulate the page in a varity of ways, add or remove content, change the pages behavior, send web requests, and generally do whatever any website can do. However, they need to be explicitly triggered by the user.

WARNING: because of their wide reaching access, you shouldn't execute untrusted bookmarklets.

How to install bookmarklets

Chrome / Chromium / Firefox / Internet Explorer

Press CTRL+SHIFT+B to open the bookmark bar if it is not already open. Then drag and drop the link in the bookmarklet post into the bookmark bar.


Currently, Edge does not support the manual URL manipulation of Bookmarklets. Installing bookmarklets is made stupidly long winded. The next big Windows 10 update is supposed to fix that.

Here are some instructions work around this limitation

How to use a bookmarklet

You only need to click on the bookmark to execute the bookmarklet on the current page.

How to create bookmarklets

Bookmarklets run normal JavaScript code. You need to prefix it with "javascript:" (without the quotes). Now the code can be used like link on any page.

Note: In order to get your bookmarklet to run in older versions of Opera, which are still commonly used, you may not use double quotes.

How to post bookmarklets

To post a bookmarklet on soup, just create a link post with the bookmarklet as a url and a text describing the function of the bookmarklet

Note: Posts of bookmarklets in the spicerack soup need to contain a link to the full source code, and instructions to replicate any obfuscation, so the integrity of the code and its safety can be validated.

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