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Extensions are modifications to a web browser using its extension API. They can work without being explicitly triggered and can force extensive modification of the site behavior, your browsing experience, and the UI of your browser.

How to install extensions

You can typically only install that are build specifically for your browser.

Most browsers have a currated site by the company that made the browser, that lists available extensions (The store)

An extension post on the spice rack will contain a link to either to the store, or an extension file to install manually. (See "How to install extensions manually")

How to install extensions manually

WARNING: Do not install extensions manually if you do not trust the author of the extension. A rogue extension can steal data and cause damages.


Navigate to "chrome://extensions/", check the "Developer mode" toggle, click "Load unpacked extension..." and select the unpacked extension folder.


Navigate to "about:addons" and drag&drop the extension file into the browser window.

How to create an extension

Most browsers can use use extensions written using the the WebExtensions system.

How to post an extension

To post an extension on the spice rack soup, create a new text post containing links for all supported browsers, a description, and preferably a link to the source code.

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