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CSS is a language to describe the design of elements on a website. It can change the position, colors, fonts, etc. of every element on the page.

Install CSS in your own soup

Soup allows you to personalize your base soup theme with custom CSS.

To do this, open the admin panel in your soup:

Once there, click on the Design heading, and click the EDIT CSS button.

You will see a large text input where you can add your own css.

To add new CSS rules to an existing stylesheet, simply append the new text to the existing one. (NOTE: this may lead to conflicts)

How to apply CSS in your view of other peoples soups

Of cause you cannot modify the soup of someone else, but you can adjust how your own browser displays it.

To do this, you typically need an extension that allows you to install userstyles. One that is available on most browsers is stylish.

The Edge browser has currently no extension for userstyles, but you can install them as userscripts using Tampermonkey.

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