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October 07 2018

Soup.io Bookmarklet SSL workaround

If you manually go to the respective script and tell your browser it's okay that the certificate is invalid, the community bookmarklet fix still works. You'll probably have to do it once per session. Tested in Firefox LTS 60.2 and Vivaldi 2.0.
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October 10 2017

Post to Soup

In the admin panel, there is a bookmarklet that allows you to open a post to soup dialog on every website. Sadly, like so many things on soup, its broken.

This is a version that was restored by @eglerion

EDIT: This is currently broken in some browsers, because soup uses an ssl certificate for "soupcdn.com" that is only made for "soup.io" and "*.soup.io"

October 09 2017

Fix tumblr import comment indentation

When comments from tumblr get imported into soup, the oldest comments are very squished. This is because they use stacked blockquote elements, which typically have a right margin. So with every blockquote element, remaining space gets smaller. This is easily fixed using this CSS-snipplet:

#posts .tumblr blockquote {
    margin-right: 0px;
Tags: CSS Style Fixes

Image loading repair bookmarklet

Sometimes soup has some phases when image loading is broken. The reason behind this is that the asset servers cannot keep up with scaling the images. This bookmarklet forces all images that fail to load to be reloaded in full size.


@melamint also created a header plugin variant of this script.

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