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February 25 2018

request: saving posts (in particular reactions) from oblivion

i guess most people know that feel. or losing a post/reaction because you just closed the tab before saving the text somewhere. i think both things should be preventable by a userscript that regularly saves posts to localStorage. soup already has a post-restore feature for non-reactions, but it's broken in modern browsers.
Tags: request

December 05 2017

Get list of tags for a Soup from the Soup API

This is an idea that I've been pondering for a long time now, but as I don't seem to get around implementing it I decided to share it here.

The idea is a webservice that gets the list of tags used in your Soup from the API, just so you have a comprehensive list of tags you used.*

This needs to be a webservice because, in order to use the API, you need to have an endpoint for the callback from the API.

Output could just be a comma separated and quoted list of the tags. Nice to have would be a little templating thing where you get HTML that you can put right in your Soup's header.

This is most probably not everything I already thought up about this, so if you set out implementing this, please share your efforts ASAP.

Thank you for your consideration.

* If the ability to get this list for other's Soups is a privacy concern is open for discussion. Of course the data is already public on the Soups and also through the API, but this would make it significantly easier to acquire. Actually not a concern, the API only gives you the data for your own Soup, own Groups, and Groups you are a member of.

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October 09 2017

Fixed soup.io bookmarklet?

I remember that someone posted a working version of the soup.io bookmarklet. Does anyone still know who that was or how they did it?

EDIT: @roko found it!

Tags: request
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