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March 27 2018

Display hidden elements (V4)

Bookmarklet that forces soup to display reposts, reactions and tags, even if they have been hidden in a soup's settings. (This also includes showing tags in friend-soups)
A userscript version can be found here.
Source code under public domain.
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October 09 2017

Better NSFW

An improved NSFW filter that shows a toggle to display individual posts again, so it doesn't make NSFW-Poster in your friend-soup, i.e, completely invisible.

It also improves on soups default filter in that it comments out the affected posts, instead of just hiding it. Because of that, it actually saves bandwidth.

The toggle is also shown in replies, so that instead of just appearing empty, you can actually view replies by NSFW soups without leaving SFW mode.

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Bookmarklet for displaying hidden reposts and reactions under soup posts (V2)

This bookmarklet forces the list of reposts and reactions to a post to be shown, if they where hidden by the settings of a soup.

A permanent userscript version can be found here

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